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Moth Night Results

Moth Night is a national recording scheme to study and celebrate the Moth. Organised by Atropos and Butterfly Conservation, the scheme encourages groups to record species caught in their local area over a three night period. This year it took place on the 9th-11th June.

At Pierrepont we decided to take part and put on a family event on Friday 10th June. All the moths caught in a light trap the night before were studied, identified and recorded by some very keen young volunteers, before being released.

In total, a whopping 86 individual moths were caught and were identified as being 41 different species. Some of the favourites include the Poplar Hawkmoth, Buff Tip, Lobster Moth, Scorched Wing and those photographed below.

The results will be uploaded to the scheme’s online recording system, joining other records from around the country, and a paper will be published in the Atropos Journal explaining the findings.

Thank you to all those who took part!

Pebble Hook Tip Moth

Pebble Hook Tip Moth

Black Arches Moth

Black Arches Moth








Festival of farming food and wildlife title (2)



Sunday 5th June 2016

(Open Farm Sunday)

11am – 4pm

FREE ENTRY but a £1 per car fee will be charged for parking on arrival, which is being donated to Farnham Scouts who are helping us on the day.

There will be plenty to keep the family busy including:

  • A chance to see the automatic dairy and meet our newest arrivals
  • Children’s activities
  • Local food and craft stalls
  • BBQ and refreshments
  • Local award-winning ale from Frensham Brewery
  • Guided walks around the farm
  • Talks and demonstrations
  • Tractor and trailer rides

Hope to see you all there!

Spring’s first frog spawn
inspires March’s Saturday Club

On the 19th March Pierrepont’s Saturday Club met up to explore the life of Amphibians. With the frisky frogs finally starting to spawn, marking the first signs of spring, it was a great opportunity to look into the lifecycle of this amazing group of animals.

Closer look at Frog spawn

Closer look at Frog spawn

Looking at Frog spawn up close with the USB camera

Looking at Frog spawn up close with the USB camera

We had a lifecycle relay race to help the group remember the important changes Frogs go through during their lives, changing from tadpoles to adult Frogs. The children used a camera to look at Frog spawn up close, drew pictures in their notebooks and we watched a short video about the nearly extinct Panamanian Golden Frog. This initiated a discussion about the problems facing Amphibians all over the world such as habitat loss, climate change and disease, including the deadly Chytrid Fungus.

To do our bit for Britain’s own amphibians, we built two ‘Toad Hall’ houses in the farm’s woodland to provide a habitat for Pierrepont’s residents.

Spring Spring Spring! activity morning to be held during the Easter Holidays

Spring Spring Spring! activity morning to be held during the Easter Holidays

Saturday Safari Club:
First ‘feathery’ session is a success

The first session of Pierrepont’s new Saturday Safari Club took place last weekend. The theme was ‘birds through the winter’ and we spent the two hours discussing the strategies birds use to survive the winter weather. We tried to race a migrating Swallow, made bird feeders and hung them up in the woodland, and looked at the structure of feathers under the microscope. Each of the participants received their own notebooks and have already been busy making notes and drawing pictures to record the things we do each month.

A close up picture of a Pheasant's flight feather.

A close up picture of a Pheasant’s flight feather.

The club has been very popular so I have decided to run an afternoon session as well. We will run the same programme of activities as the morning session on the same days but at 1:30 – 3:30pm. Due to the large number of children I already had on a waiting list, I only have two places available for the afternoon session. If you have a budding young naturalist who may be interested in joining this new venture please contact Annika Rees, Pierrepont’s Education Officer. The next Saturday Safari Club will take place on the 19th March.