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Further dairy developments

by Rod Kebble

Two further developments related to the new dairy have taken place. The photo below shows Joan Foster standing in the excavations for the new pond in front of the dairy. Since the picture was taken, the pond has been lined with Bentomat, a self-sealing geosynthetic clay liner that comes in rolls weighing up to 1.3 tonnes — so not a job for the Wrinklies, then. The liner was then covered with earth that had been removed from the site of the dairy during its construction.

Excavations for the new pond in front of the new dairy at The Countryside Restoration Trust's Pierrepont Farm.

The pond will be fed with rainwater collected from the 2,500 square metres of dairy roof (if only it would rain) and it is hoped that it will attract various species of birds — such as swallows and house martins, who it is hoped will use mud from the pond’s margins to make their nests in the ‘Tesco Tower’ that hides the feed silo — and other wildlife. A new hedge will be planted between the pond and the road.

It was a condition of receiving planning permission for the new dairy that the asbestos sheeting covering the old one would be removed. The photo below shows this work in progress and since it was taken the roof supports have also been dismantled, leaving an open courtyard where the cows once lived. The surrounding cow byres just visible in the background were Grade II listed in 2004 and date from the early 19th century.

The old dairy at The Countryside Restoration Trust's Pierrepont Farm during work to remove its asbestos sheeting roof.