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Pierrepont working party, 11th June 2011

by Rod Kebble

Commitments elswhere reduced our numbers to seven but we nonetheless managed to do several tasks in the day.

While two people cleaned up the education room in advance of a visit from the Frensham History Society, two more sowed grass seed around the banks of the new pond — now nearly full with water from the dairy’s roof, thanks to some recent rain. We think we used the seed with some wildflowers mixed in and in a few weeks’ time (assuming there will be more rain) we shall find out.

The seed sowers then gave the tree planted by Robin Page on April 12th a new stake — angled at about 45 degrees to avoid the roots and pointing into the prevailing wind — and afterwards attacked the bracken which had grown to head-height in the hazel coppice and which prevents the growth of anything else except, it seems, foxgloves (which we carefully preserved).

Meanwhile, the other three revisited some recalcitrant rhodendron roots with spades, drills and glyphosate (see our earlier post for an explanation).

After lunch, the bracken bashers were reinforced by the education room cleaners, while the rhododendron squad carried on as before.

Although much was cleared — readers will have to take our word for this, as I forgot to bring a camera — plenty of bracken remains for the next working party to deal with, as does the Himalayan balsam in Wey Meadow.