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Bullish day for hedging

by Rod Kebble

The ground now having thawed out, the working party on 18th February was devoted to putting more hedge plants in the earth and a further fifty metres or so were planted.

The procedure was the same as described in an earlier post, except this time the watering was left until last. As the work was now being carried out further away from the pond, a tractor was enlisted which was able to deliver getting on for 1,000 litres in a tank held on its fork lift. As the level in the tank fell, the tank was lifted higher and gravity did its stuff.

Needless to say, as soon as the new plants had been well watered-in it began to rain steadily.

Bob the Bull and members of his harem supervise a Countryside Restoration Trust volunteer planting a hedge at Pierrepont Farm.

The work was closely supervised by Bob the Bull and members of his harem in Silage Field.

As there are still around one hundred metres left to go to reach our target and the planting season is closing rapidly, it is proposed that one or two smaller working parties will take place on weekdays before the next scheduled volunteer day, weather permitting.

While the volunteers were busy with the hedging, farmer Mike Clear and volunteer Conway Churchill applied themselves to turning more of the copse into fence posts.