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Farmyard spring clean

by Rod Kebble

The conservation group had a pretty straightforward task for the day on 31st March — sweep up the courtyard where the old dairy used to stand.

Countryside Restoration Trust volunteers make a clean sweep at Pierrepont Farm.

Our synchronised sweeping team rehearses for the London Olympics...

The reason for the sudden interest in tidying up this site is that the CRT has renovated the half of the farmhouse that has stood empty since the Trust was generously given the farm by Jo Baker in 2006 and has now rented it out at a market rent, with the lease beginning on 1st April. The old farmyard is immediately behind and overlooked by the property.

According to the date on a newspaper found blocking a hole in a door frame during the modernisation, the farmhouse was divided in 1959, with a couple of connecting doorways being bricked up.

Several other farm buildings made redundant by the construction of the new dairy have yet to have new uses assigned to them.