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Slicing cakes and logs

by Rod Kebble

As well as being the annual Adopt-a-calf Day (see next post, below), 12th May was also a regular working party for the conservation volunteers.

Three Countryside Restoration Trust volunteers taking a break from serving tea.

CRT volunteers (left to right) Marilyn Cane, Ann Bates and Margaret Ashdown test the beverages and seating...

Nine volunteers turned up and — after they had tidied the place up a bit in readiness for our visitors — split into three groups: a trio to serve tea and cakes to the visitors, another to continue applying glyphosate to the stumps of rhododendrons cut down last year and earlier this year and three (plus Tony the herdsman) to collect, split and stack logs for use in the farmhouse next winter.

Two Countryside Restoration Trust volunteers chop and stack logs at Pierrepont Farm.

CRT volunteers Brian Lavers (left) and Briam Sams chop and stack logs.

Chestnut logs taken from Tankersford Copse at the Countryside Restoration Trust's Pierrepont Farm.

One and a half stacks of logs in shelters made from old pallets. The logs were taken from the wood left over after coppiced chestnut from the farm's Tankersford Copse had been cut into fence posts.