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Farmers protest against further price cuts

by Rod Kebble

A poster produced by Farmers Weekly, calling for a fair price on the [supermarket] shelf and a fair price on the farm.

UK dairy farmers have been outraged by the news that some of the milk processing companies have announced further cuts in the amount they pay farmers for milk, to take effect from 1st August.

The cuts, which have been reported to vary between 1.65p and 4p per litre, are allegedly being imposed because the price of bulk cream and butter have fallen in response to an increase in global milk supplies.

Around 1,000 farmers — including Pierrepont Farm’s Mike Clear — are expected to attend a protest meeting in Central London tomorrow (Wednesday 11th July).

Milk Link, the processor cooperative to which the Clears belong, has told its members that it will try to hold prices unchanged (albeit from a recent drop of 1.5p per litre) until 1st September — but after that the future price appears to be unknown.