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Pierrepont girls win
1st and 3rd in national competition

by Rod Kebble

Jenny Cooper & Zoë Clear at the Countryside Restoration Trust's Pierrepont Farm open day.

Jenny Cooper (left, in red) and Zoë Clear at work at the recent Pierrepont Farm open day.

Pierrepont Farm’s Jenny Cooper and Zoë Clear, both aged 12, have won first and third prize respectively in the Junior class of the Young Handlers competition at the Holstein UK All Breeds All Britain Calf Show, held at Stoneleigh over the weekend.

Both girls had previously come first in their classes at this year’s New Forest & Hampshire County Show (for some reason to do with dates of birth, Jenny was then in the Intermediate class and Zoë in the Junior) — but the Calf Show is a national contest and a success there is so much the greater.

Jenny was showing the calf Ena, while Zoë appeared with Sherbert.

Next year, it is likely they will find themselves among the youngest competitors in the Intermediate class at the All Breeds All Britain show.

Pierrepont’s calves did less well, with Icicle coming 13th out of 13 in her class, Eliza 12th of 15, Ena 9th of 20 and Sherbert 4th of 12 (all placings from Mike Clear’s memory and subject to confirmation when the official results are published).

Photos from the contest itself will appear here when Bev finds her camera…

Update 11th October: The results now having been published, it turns out that Discovery Hovborg’s Icicle indeed came last in a class of 13 (for calves born between 1/12/11 and 28/2/12), while Pierrepont Eclipse’s Ena came 9th in a class of 16 for calves born between 1/9/11 and 30/11/11.

Pierrepont Sambo’s Eliza came 15th in a field of 17 for calves born between 1/5/11 and 31/8/11, and Pierrepont Sultan’s Sherbert was 4th in a class of 10 for calves born between 1/1/11 and 30/4/11.

Jenny Cooper and Zoë Clear came first and third respectively in Showmanship Class 1A, whose 19 members were born between 1999 and 2001 (Junior Class 1 consisted of 18 contestants born between 2001 and 2006).

Although the title of the show is All Breeds All Britain, the classes are still split between breeds. That said, the class Jenny and Zoë were in had Ayrshire, Guernsey, Dairy Shorthorn and British Friesian calves, as well as Jerseys.

Full results at UK Jerseys.