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A ditch in time

by Rod Kebble

In April last year, we ran a story about plans to excavate one of the former water channels in the Wey Meadow SSSI (site of special scientific interest).

Natural England granted permission for the work to go ahead but for various reasons the work was not undertaken within the time specified and an extension was granted.

The extension was approaching its own deadline when farmer Mike Clear had an excavator visit the farm for another task and managed to squeeze in the digging of the Wey Meadow trench, which is about a metre (39 inches) wide and 305mm (1 foot) deep.

Also excavated were some wetland plants that have now been replanted on the margins of the dairy pond, where the monitoring group will keep an eye on their progress.

Bill Young, leader of the Pierrepont monitoring group, unloading plants from a farm trailer, prior to replanting them around the edges of the pond.

Bill Young, leader of the monitoring group at Pierrepont Farm, hard at work unloading a trailer-load of plants from the channel dug in Wey Meadow. Just visible to Bill’s left is the pond around which the plants will be relocated.