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Swift response awaited

by Rod Kebble

The air around the clocktower at Pierrepont Farm is now full of the sounds of nesting swifts. It is also not full of actual nesting swifts.

At least, not yet.

The sounds of birds starting families is being broadcast by a CD player through speakers installed last September, at the same time six nesting boxes were fitted to the eaves on one side of the clocktower. (There should have been a dozen boxes but the cherry-picker had to go back.)

The idea is that passing swifts will hear the sounds and think to themselves, “Aha, that must be a good place to build a nest, as other swifts have moved in already.”

Although there is always the danger that they might also think that all the available spaces have been taken and pass on…

We will keep you posted as to how things develop. Swiftly.