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Pierrepont Farm wins
more prizes at South of England Show

by Rod Kebble

Pierrepont Farm once again had a successful time in the show ring at the South of England Show held from Thursday 6th to Saturday 8th June at Ardingly. The show’s organiser, the South of England Agricultural Society, estimates that some 70,000 visitors attended.

Discovery Excitation's Syria and other Pierrepont cows in the cattle lines at the show.

The cattle lines at the South of England Show, with Discovery Excitation’s Syria nearest the camera.

In the table below, cows with names beginning ‘Pierrepont’ or ‘Discovery’ are all part of the Pierrepont herd. Natalie Guapo’s Girl and Upgate Rowan Tiger Lilly were bought into the herd as calf heifers and their calves will have names beginning with the Discovery prefix.

Class Position Competitor
Maiden heifer (18 months and under) 1st Pierrepont Iatola’s Calypso
Heifer in Milk 2nd Discovery Fantom’s Jenny
3rd Pierrepont Sultan’s Sherbet
Young cow 1st Discovery Excitation’s Syria
2nd Natalie Guapo’s Girl
Senior Cow 1st Pierrepont Perfecter’s Money Penny
3rd Upgate Rowan Tiger Lilly
Jersey Championship Champion Discovery Excitation’s Syria
Dairy Championship Supreme Dairy Champion Discovery Excitation’s Syria
Dairy Super Cow Reserve Upgate Rowan Tiger Lilly
Dairy Pairs Championship Reserve Discovery Excitation’s Syria & Pierrepont Perfecter’s Money Penny
Jersey Group of Three 1st Pierrepont Perfecter’s Money Penny, Discovery Fantom’s Jenny & Discovery Excitation’s Syria
Dairy Pairs Championship Reserve Pierrepont Perfecter’s Money Penny and Discovery Excitation’s Syria
Young Handlers 4th Zoë Clear & Discovery Iatola’s Calypso
5th Jenny Cooper & Upgate Rowan Tiger Lilly

As a result of Discovery Excitation’s Syria’s success at the South of England, Bev and Mike Clear have been persuaded to enter her in the National Dairy Show on 3rd and 4th July at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham.

Discovery Excitation's Syria's certificates (red, white and blue tricolours for Champion and blue and white for Reserve), adorn her stall in the cattle lines.

Discovery Excitation’s Syria’s certificates adorn her stall in the cattle lines.