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Three legs OK

by Rod Kebble

Coming back from a successful three days at the South of England Show in early June, farmer Mike Clear was driving his Land Rover down the farm road when he was joined by Wiz, one of the two farm dogs (the other being Woz, a Jack Russell).

The appropriately-named Wiz likes nothing better than to race vehicles along the road — which can be trying for drivers, who suddenly find a dog on first one side and then the other and then right in front. On this occasion Wiz sadly put a paw wrong and ended up under one of the wheels.

Her back left leg had to be amputated (which took care of the prize money from the show) but Wiz is now fully recovered and charging about at full tilt as before, though she may no longer be able to scratch her left ear. The picture below was taken last week and shows Wiz has become accustomed to life as a triped.

Wiz, the farm's collie, now minus her back left leg — though if there's a speed limit for three-legged dogs, she hasn't heard about it.

Wiz, the farm’s collie, with her new tricycle undercarriage. If there is a speed limit for three-legged dogs, she hasn’t heard about it.