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Pierrepont 2013 fungi survey

by Rod Kebble

Three members of the monitoring group sit in the autumn sun in front of the dairy and use reference books to identify the fungi they have found.

Doreen Dye, Bill Young and Brian Senior try to identify the fungi they have found. The purpose of the large stick on the table is unclear but is probably there to arbitrate in cases where two competing names are offered for a single fungus.

Wearing his monitoring group hat — or should that be bonnet? (sorry, fungal joke!) — Brian Lavers reports that a survey was conducted in a relatively small area at the Silvergate end of Tankersford Wood on 4th November.

Fungi identified during the survey are listed in the table below.

Genus/Species Common Name
Lepiota procera Parasol Mushroom
Collybia butyracea Butter Cap
Mycena vitilis Snapping Bonnet
Russula ochraleuca Ochre Brittlegill
Mycena galericulata Common Bonnet
Amanita fulva Tawny Grisette
Typhula erythropus
Lenzites betulina Birch Mazegill
Ganoderma australe Southern Bracket
Coprinus micaceus Glistening Inkcap
Mycena galopus var. candida
Nectria cinnabarina Coral Spot
Mycena inclinata Clustered Bonnet
Calocera cornea Small Stag’s Horn
Lycoperdon perlatum Common Puffball
Coriolellus albidas
Pluteus cervinus Deer Shield
Collybia peronata Wood Woolyfoot
Russula albonnigra
Delicatula integrella
Paxillus involutus Brown Rollrim