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All Breeds All Britain Calf Show
wraps up Pierrepont’s show season

by Rod Kebble

A colourful display of red, orange and green certificates and cream, pink, red, green and purple rosettes to take home.

A colourful display of awards to take home.

This year’s show season for Pierrepont Farm came to an end with the All Breeds All Britain Calf Show, held at the Three Counties Showground at Malvern on the weekend of October 18th and 19th.

Being a national, rather than a regional, show means the competition is that much stronger, so Pierrepont did well to win one first, one second and two fourth prizes, among others.

Zoë Clear with Discovery Bob's California.

Zoë Clear with Discovery Bob’s California.

Zoë Clear was helped in the showing of the calves by friends of the Clears, Hannah Garrett and Mathew Limond. Jenny Cooper, who has featured as a handler in our show reports over the past few years, has had other commitments in 2014.

The full Pierrepont Farm results are shown below (“Pierrepont” and “Discovery” prefixes both denote Pierrepont herds. Discovery Fantom’s Jenny and Discovery Miles’ Jellybean are owned by Zoë Clear under the name Stonebridge Jerseys):

Class Position Competitor
Junior Coloured Breeds Handler (20 competitors) 14th Hannah Garrett with Pierrepont DJ Ellie
Intermediate Coloured breeds Handler (18 competitors) 2nd Mathew Limond with Discovery Bob’s California
4th Zoë Clear with Pierrepont Miles’ Echo
Jersey calves born after 01/03/2014 (8 calves) 7th Pierrepont Irwin’s Danger Mouse
Born between 01/12/2013 & 28/02/2014 (8 calves) 5th Discovery Miles’ Jellybean
6th Pierrepont DJ Ellie
Born between 01/09/2013 & 30/11/2013 (8 calves)

6th Pierrepont August’s Carmen
Born between 01/05/2013 & 31/08/2013 (14 calves)

4th Pierrepont Miles’ Echo
Born between 01/01/2013 & 30/04/2013 (3 calves) 1st Discovery Bob’s California

Hannah Garrett with Pierrepont DJ Ellie.

Hannah Garrett with Pierrepont DJ Ellie. CORRECTION 29/12/2014: we are told that the handler is in fact Charlotte Limond. Apologies to Hannah and Charlotte.

Zoë Clear showing Discovery Miles' Jellybean.

Zoë Clear showing Discovery Miles’ Jellybean.

Zoë Clear with Discovery Miles' Jellybean and their award.

Zoë Clear with Discovery Miles’ Jellybean and their award.

Zoë Clear with Pierrepont Irwin's Danger Mouse.

Zoë Clear with Pierrepont Irwin’s Danger Mouse.