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Archive of posts filed under the Green Farm monitoring category.

Pierrepont plant ponder

by Brian Lavers This year’s Spring plant survey along the 30-metre transect through the edge of the Tankersford chestnut coppice again provided plenty to puzzle over, a challenge made more challenging by the fact that not one of the plants boasted a flower. However, the monitoring volunteers brushed off such minor difficulties and rose to […]

Fungal foray at Green Farm

by Brian Lavers On the 15th October, an exceptionally dry and sunny day, four members of the Monitoring Group spent another interesting day peering at fungi in two separate areas of Green Farm, first in the area of recently felled Scots pine then, in the afternoon, under the canopy of an immature broadleaf plantation. The […]

Monitoring reports now available

by Rod Kebble The reports the monitoring group send to Countryside Restoration Trust headquarters in Barton (just outside Cambridge) are now being published on this site. This will interest those of us in the conservation group, as we often wonder what the monitors get up to. The reports can be found by clicking on the […]

Counting fungi and trees

by Brian Lavers October’s task for the Monitoring Group volunteers involved a survey of Henry’s Wood at Green Farm with a view to establishing its current make up and to come up with suggestions for some possible conservation interventions. A fungi survey formed an ancillary task. Henry’s Wood lies off Old Barn Lane, the road […]

Green Farm monitoring, 19th March 2011

by Brian Lavers Six monitoring group volunteers spent the day at Green Farm. The day’s activity required a division of tasks, with one group member, complete with recently acquired large scale maps, spending a.m and p.m in the Upper Forest area attempting to record all – unofficial as well as statutory – footpaths there. The […]