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Archive of posts filed under the Green Farm news category.

The battle resumed on two fronts

by Brian Lavers With the birds long past the point of wanting a little peace and quiet for their nesting and rearing, the volunteers have resumed work on the elimination of rhododendron ponticum from the woodland at Pierrepont and have taken up axe, hook and bow saw once more against the invasive pine, birch, etc. […]

Cider is rosy

by Brian Lavers Having learned that the Countryside Restoration Trust had registered with The Garden Cider Company it was resolved to test the registration and get this year’s large crop of apples at Green Farm converted into cider. To those unfamiliar with the simple operating methods of The Garden Cider Co., the theory is that […]

Green Farm needs YOU!

by Rod Kebble Green Farm in Churt is holding a Volunteer Taster Day on Tuesday 9th September from 1000 to 1500. All welcome and conservation activities that need to be undertaken (not all necessarily on the 9th) include clearing paths, maintaining heathland and looking after trees. Hands required for light tasks and heavier ones. Take […]

And Bertha came too

by Hayley Newton, the CRT’s fundraising manager We had an extra special guest at the Open Day on Green Farm this year, Hurricane Bertha. She was definitely not an invited guest and certainly made her presence known! The wet and windy start to the day meant we used a neighbour’s garage to set up our […]

Green Farm — the clearance continues

by Brian Lavers After work over two winters, the first a short one, the result of the hard work of the volunteers at Green Farm is becoming increasingly evident, with now a large swathe of the youngest of the broadleaf plantations clear of invasive, fast growing and light-blocking Scots pine, willow and birch. This winter, […]