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The Destruction Continues

Saturday 21 January saw the Pierrepont conservation volunteers cut down the last of the rhododendron growing in the area between the bridle path running through the farm, and the river. The otherwise very vigorous rhododendron stumps will be killed off later in the year by the local application of a herbicide. After over seven years […]

Conservation Fun in the Sun!

Thank you to everyone who took part in Pierrepont’s Conservation and Wildlife Monitoring morning on Tuesday. Together you recorded 140 pond creatures and identified them as 11 different species, including Newts, Dragonfly Nymphs and a whopping 80 Pond Snails. We also did a hedgerow survey, gathering data about the species of plants and invertebrates making […]

This summer at Pierrepont…..

A big thank you to 8th Aldershot Scouts!

The Countryside Restoration trust and Pierrepont Farm would like to send a big thank you to the 8th Aldershot Scout group, who between them managed to build these wonderful new bird boxes during a visit to the farm on Friday 15th July. These bird boxes will be put up in the farm’s woodland to add […]

Spring’s first frog spawn
inspires March’s Saturday Club

On the 19th March Pierrepont’s Saturday Club met up to explore the life of Amphibians. With the frisky frogs finally starting to spawn, marking the first signs of spring, it was a great opportunity to look into the lifecycle of this amazing group of animals. We had a lifecycle relay race to help the group […]