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Hours of fun dissecting Owl pellets
for our fascinated young naturalists

Hours of fun was had at last month’s Saturday Safari Club, as the group enthusiastically dissected some Barn Owl Pellets that had been found on the farm. This Summer, Pierrepont was lucky enough to have a pair of Barn Owls nest and rear young in one of our barns. Once all the young Owls had […]

A big thank you to 8th Aldershot Scouts!

The Countryside Restoration trust and Pierrepont Farm would like to send a big thank you to the 8th Aldershot Scout group, who between them managed to build these wonderful new bird boxes during a visit to the farm on Friday 15th July. These bird boxes will be put up in the farm’s woodland to add […]

Moth Night Results

Moth Night is a national recording scheme to study and celebrate the Moth. Organised by Atropos and Butterfly Conservation, the scheme encourages groups to record species caught in their local area over a three night period. This year it took place on the 9th-11th June. At Pierrepont we decided to take part and put on […]

2014 Autumn/Winter bird survey

by Rod Kebble The monitoring group conducted its eighth annual Autumn/Winter bird survey on 10th and 15th November. The results of the survey by transect begin here and the updated species list is shown here. Salient points to emerge from the survey are that there were more species observed than in the past two years […]

Fruitful forays for fungal foragers

by Rod Kebble The Pierrepont monitoring group — in the form of leader, Bill Young, and his myrmidons Doreen Dye, Brian Senior and Brian Lavers — ventured into Tankersford Wood and along its edges in September and into Wey Wood and along Wey Top Path the following month, to see what 2014 had produced by […]