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Click on the document titles listed below to download them as PDFs.

Asian hornet alert

Update 12/09/2013. Please note: the poster linked to below shows the incorrect email address for reporting the sighting of asian hornets (ie. with the suffix), while the information sheet has the correct suffix.


information sheet

The Threat to England’s Trees from Non-Native Species of Pest and Disease. Commissioned by CRT trustee Zac Goldsmith MP and written by another CRT trustee, Robin Maynard. Published 31st October 2012.

Lark Rise Farm Bird Trends 2011 Published 8th November 2012.

An Inconvenient Truth About Food — Neither Secure Nor Resilient. A report prepared in 2008 for the Soil Association by CRT trustee Robin Maynard. Uploaded 1 March 2013.

Pierrepont Farm location map Uploaded 7th March 2013.

Information signs
These PDFs are of the information signs that were erected at various sites around Pierrepont Farm in September 2012 and were uploaded on 1 March 2013. All are of one page, except for Milking by robot, which has four.

Calf pens

Chestnut coppice

Clock tower

Dairy pond

Eddie’s paddock

Milk tank

Milking by robot

New hedge

Our 2012 awards

Our milk

Rhododendron removal

Silage sausages

Slurry lagoon

Verdun chestnuts

Wey Meadow SSSI