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Conservation Fun in the Sun!

Thank you to everyone who took part in Pierrepont’s Conservation and Wildlife Monitoring morning on Tuesday. Together you recorded 140 pond creatures and identified them as 11 different species, including Newts, Dragonfly Nymphs and a whopping 80 Pond Snails. We also did a hedgerow survey, gathering data about the species of plants and invertebrates making up a sample section of hedgerow on the farm. Finally, after a lot of hot work digging holes and gathering wood, we made a fantastic new habitat for Stag Beetles. The UK’s largest native terrestrial beetle is declining due to the loss of it’s favourite habitat…dead wood. Hopefully this stunning new home will attract a new Stag Beetle family!

IMG_2761 jpeg 2 IMG_2762 jpeg 2

Crafty morning at Pierrepont

On Thursday Pierrepont’s classroom was transformed into a crafty hub! We went for a walk through the woodland collecting lots of natural objects to use in our projects, took them back to the classroom and got creative!

Here are some of the masterpieces……….

This summer at Pierrepont…..

Activity mornings running this summer

Activity mornings running this summer

A big thank you to 8th Aldershot Scouts!

New homes for Pierrepont's birds

New homes for Pierrepont’s birds

The Countryside Restoration trust and Pierrepont Farm would like to send a big thank you to the 8th Aldershot Scout group, who between them managed to build these wonderful new bird boxes during a visit to the farm on Friday 15th July. These bird boxes will be put up in the farm’s woodland to add to the boxes already situated that the farm’s conservation volunteers maintain and regularly monitor. We hope that this project will help the scouts towards their Enviornmental Conservation activity badge.

Moth Night Results

Moth Night is a national recording scheme to study and celebrate the Moth. Organised by Atropos and Butterfly Conservation, the scheme encourages groups to record species caught in their local area over a three night period. This year it took place on the 9th-11th June.

At Pierrepont we decided to take part and put on a family event on Friday 10th June. All the moths caught in a light trap the night before were studied, identified and recorded by some very keen young volunteers, before being released.

In total, a whopping 86 individual moths were caught and were identified as being 41 different species. Some of the favourites include the Poplar Hawkmoth, Buff Tip, Lobster Moth, Scorched Wing and those photographed below.

The results will be uploaded to the scheme’s online recording system, joining other records from around the country, and a paper will be published in the Atropos Journal explaining the findings.

Thank you to all those who took part!

Pebble Hook Tip Moth

Pebble Hook Tip Moth

Black Arches Moth

Black Arches Moth