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Pierrepont Farm directions
coming from Guildford & the east on the A31

The directions below have been written in good faith, using information available at the time (March 2011) and The Countryside Restoration Trust cannot accept responsibility for any delays or losses arising from their use. The directions are intended for visitors coming by car and the routes may be unsuitable for larger and/or heavier vehicles.

For satnav users, the postcode of Pierrepont Farm is GU10 3BP. (The postcode for the farm’s postal address is GU10 3BS but this shared with another property on the other side of the River Wey. If you put 3BS into your satnav, it will take you down a very narrow lane and deposit you on the wrong side of the river, where the only crossing is a narrow footbridge.)

Directions for coming from the east on the A31
Follow the A31 to the Hickley’s Corner junction, just south of Farnham.

The junction is controlled by traffic lights and you need to be in the left filter lane, following the signs to Farnham Station.

Make the left turn into Station Hill (B3001), go over the level crossing next to Farnham station and turn immediately right before The Waverley Arms pub, into Tilford Road (this is not the same Tilford Road that runs north from the junction of the A3 and A287, mentioned in some of our other directions to Pierrepont Farm).

The distance from the level crossing to the entrance to Pierrepont Farm is 3.4 miles (5.5 kilometres).

Stay on the Tilford Road, passing Bourne Grove on your right and then going through a crossroads with Monks Walk on your left and Lodge Hill Road on your right. A sign here tells you it is 1¾ miles (2.8 kilometres) to Tilford.

As you approach Tilford, a blue sign on your left warns of a weight limit ¾ of a mile (1.2 kilometres) ahead and then you pass Sheephatch Lane on your left. The trees either side of the road give way to hedges and a brown and white sign points right to the Rural Life Centre, though there is no junction at this point. A little further on, a sign indicates a right hand bend ahead, with a minor junction off it.

Follow the road round this bend and you are now in The Reeds Road. Go up the hill and down the other side, passing the entrance to the Rural Life Centre on your right.

The entrance to Pierrepont Farm is at the next building visible on your left.

(If you find yourself going past Frensham Garden Centre on your left, you’ve gone too far.)

The telephone number of Pierrepont Farm is 01252 793559.

Alternative route from Hickley’s Corner.
Make the left turn into Station Hill (B3001) and take the first right off Station Hill (just after The Mulberry hotel) into Approach Road, which passes in front of the station forecourt and continues past the station car park.

At the far end of Approach Road, turn left (south) onto the A287, which here is called Firgrove Hill. Immediately after the left turn you cross a bridge over the railway line.

Continue south along the A287 (which becomes Frensham Road) for about 2½ miles (4 kilometres). This brings you into Millbridge (though there is nothing to tell you this), where The Reeds Road comes into the A287 from the left. This is the turning for Pierrepont Farm.

In fact, there are two entrances to The Reeds Road. If you do not spot the first one — on the left, just before you pass The Village Workshop on the right — take the second, which is on the left just before The Bridge hotel on the right.

(If you come to a sign pointing to your left for Frensham Little Pond, you’ve gone too far.)

Follow The Reeds Road until you reach Frensham Garden Centre, on your right. The entrance to Pierrepont Farm is just past the garden centre, also on your right. The distance from the A287 end of Approach Road to the entrance to the farm is 3.2 miles (5.1 kilometres).

(If you find yourself going past the Rural Life Centre on your left, you’ve gone too far.)

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