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Pierrepont Farm
wildlife monitoring report, November 2013

A Fungal Foray was held in November 2013, covering Silvergate Field and the northern end of Tankersford Wood.

Twenty-four species were recorded at the time of the survey with some identifications carried out later. This is down from 27 in October of the previous year. Unlike the 2012 survey, the location and micro-habitat are not shown in the table below.

Genus Species Common name
Lepiota procera Parasol mushroom
Collybia butyracea Butter cap
Mycena vitilis Snapping bonnet
Russula ochraleuca Ochre brittlegill
Mycena galericulata Common bonnet
Amanita fulva Tawny grisette
?Typhula erythropus
Lenzites betulina
Ganoderma australae
Tremella (Ascotremella) foliacea (or faginea)
Kretzchmaria duesta Brittle cinder
Russula cyanoxantha The charcoal burner
Coprinus micaceous Glistening ink-cap
Mycena galopus var. candida
Nectria cinnabarina Coral spot
Mycena inclinata
Calocera cornea Small stag’s horn
Lycoperdon perlata Common puff-ball
?Coriolellus albidus
?Pluteus cervinus
Collybia peronata Wood woolly-foot
?Russula albonigra
Delicatella integrata
Paxillus involutus Brown roll-rim

As yellow waxcap fungi have been recorded on Silvergate Field when the grass was short in the autumn, it is recommended to cut the grass in the filed in late August or early September as this species (and other waxcaps) prefer short grass.