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Pierrepont Farm
wildlife monitoring report August 2011

Three surveys were carried out in the Wey Meadow SSSI, these being for spiders, crickets and grasshoppers etc., butterflies.

The surveys were simply lists of species identified and were carried out concurrently, the usual method for the butterfly count being observed (ie. to have a pre-determined walk — “transect” — for a particular area, and to record between 10.45 and 15.45 hours when the weather is dry and the temperature is 13 degrees Centigrade or more, with at least 60% sunshine, and the wind a maximum of force six on the Beaufort Scale. Outside of those conditions, the numbers of butterflies on the wing will be less than might be normal for the area. Numbers are recorded 2.5 metres either side of the transect line).

The result for spiders is shown in the table below.

Genus Species Common name Notes
Araneus quadratus Orb-web spider Females and males seen
Lyccsidæ ?pandora? Hunting spider
Linphia triangularis Sheet-web spider
Nemastoma sp*
Pirata hygrophilus
Misumena vatia Crab spider Yellow and green duotone
Pisaura mirabilis Nursery-web spider
Dolomedes fimbriatus Fen raft spider 11-13mm body length (sub-adults)
Xysticus cristatus
Harvestman 3 seen. Not true spiders

*sp indicates a spider that has only been identified by Genus.

The result for crickets and grasshoppers etc. is shown in this table.

Genus Species Common name Notes
Propylia punctata Ladybird
Sitona liliatus Pea weevil
Metrioptera roeselli Roesel’s bush cricket
Picromerus bidens Spiked shieldbug
Acanthosoma hæmorrhoidale Hawthorn shieldbug Nymph
?Dinytomus longimanus Weevil

The result for butterflies is shown below.

Genus Species Common name Number
Gonepteryx rhamni Brimstone 1
Pieris brassicæ Large white 3
Artogeia rapæ Small white 5
Artogeia napi Green-veined white 4
Lycæna phl&#230as Small copper 1
Pyronia tithonus Gatekeeper 2

In total, 16 butterflies were seen and recorded. The count took place from 1100 to 1600, concurrently with the other surveys. There was a light shower from 1300 to 1400 approximately and it was sunny thereafter. The average temperature was 20ºC and the wind speed was force 3-4.