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Defending against deer and bunnies

by Conway Churchill It is common practice to build sturdy and often quite elaborate defence round newly coppiced stools in order to prevent new shoots from being subjected to the tender mercies of cute little bunny rabbits and deer. The defences round the stools in the woodland at Pierrepont Farm are no exception. Regular volunteer […]

Getting to the point

by Rod Kebble The 26th November working party was to have been devoted to further log-splitting, but it turned out that most of the new crop of rods were pretty much of the correct diameter and that little splitting was required. Or so it was thought. However, when Mike Clear turned up with a borrowed […]

Leaves and trees fall in the autumn

by Rod Kebble The Pierrepont conservation group was back at work in mid-October. On Friday 14th, five volunteers were tending to the hedge in Reeds Left Field, adjacent to the Rural Life Centre and the RSPB’s Farnham Heath reserve, while another was coppicing chestnut in Tankersford Copse. On Saturday 15th, four volunteers made further inroads […]