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Charcoal kiln bolts again

by Rod Kebble The saga of our new charcoal kiln continues with the news that, for a third successive time, the contents of the kiln were burnt to ash — though this time there is a little usable charcoal that can be salvaged. The problem seems to be that although we were able to make […]

A bit of a burn up

by Rod Kebble The conservation volunteers gathered again on a showery 6th September and the front half of the education room floor was cleaned and given two coats of slate grey floor paint, while outdoors more rhodie stumps were injected with glyphosate. The most fun was had by those who crowded around the new charcoal […]

Final cut of the coppicing season

by Rod Kebble The sap is beginning to rise and Tankersford Copse has been echoing to the sound of Conway Churchill’s chainsaw for the past couple of weeks. But enough of Conway, it is coincidently the end of the coppicing season as the time draws near for birds to begin nesting. The cut timber will […]

Pierrepont set for big burn

by Rod Kebble Following the failure of North Korea’s Unha-3 rocket last week, the eyes of the world are now on Tankersford Copse, where the Pierrepont volunteers have readied their charcoal kiln for a big burn lasting some twenty-four hours, several hundreds of times longer than the Koreans achieved. Conway Churchill and his acolytes, the […]

August & September

by Rod Kebble Holidays and Open Day having intervened, it’s been a while since the last proper post on this site. Here’s a rundown of what has being going on at Pierrepont Farm. Change at the top In mid-August Jonathan Foster, “beloved leader” of The Pierrepont Wrinklies for the past four years, decided it was […]