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Churchill’s chestnut chainsaw challenge

by Rod Kebble Farmer Mike Clear needs three hundred fence posts, each 1.75 metres (5’9”) in length — so what better source than Pierrepont’s own Tankersford Copse and Conway Churchill and his chainsaw? Although it was an “off” weekend for the conservation group, Conway and I took advantage of the good weather forecast (which turned […]

Leaves and trees fall in the autumn

by Rod Kebble The Pierrepont conservation group was back at work in mid-October. On Friday 14th, five volunteers were tending to the hedge in Reeds Left Field, adjacent to the Rural Life Centre and the RSPB’s Farnham Heath reserve, while another was coppicing chestnut in Tankersford Copse. On Saturday 15th, four volunteers made further inroads […]

More conservation projects for Pierrepont

by Brian Lavers The following list of proposed Pierrepont conservation tasks for 2011 results from discussions held at the farm on 11th May between the tenant farmer, Mike Clear; John Terry and Dr Vince Lea from the Countryside Restoration Trust’s headquarters in Barton, Cambridgeshire; and Bill Young and Brian Lavers representing the Pierrepont Farm monitoring […]