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Zac Goldsmith & CRT
call for a Tree Protection Task Force

CRT Media Release On the 31st October Zac Goldsmith MP, in collaboration with the Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT) — of which he is a trustee — tabled an Early Day Motion calling on the Government to set up a ‘Tree Protection Task Force’ which has an enhanced capacity for taking rapid action against pests and […]

Milk price: partial good news, maybe.

by Rod Kebble Following the recent announcement, reported on this site, that the price of milk paid to UK dairy farmers would be cut by between 1½p and 2p per litre from 1st June, there now comes some partial good news. Partial, because it applies only to the 1,600 farmers (including Pierrepont Farm’s Bev & […]

Wey forward for river

by Rod Kebble On Wednesday 18th April, the Surrey Wildlife Trust and DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) hosted a workshop in Farnham to discuss the implementation of the EU’s Water Framework Directive in relation to the River Wey. Pierrepont Farm was represented by farmer Mike Clear and Brian Lavers, who leads the […]

Greek economic woes felt in Surrey

by Rod Kebble Mike Clear, tenant farmer of the Countryside Restoration Trust’s 204-acre Pierrepont Farm in Frensham, Surrey, seems an unlikely victim of Greece’s debt problems as he sprays 2,000 gallons (9,000 litres) of chocolate milk onto his fields. Two years ago, Mike contracted with a British easter egg manufacturer to provide Chokkilait, a milk […]

A charcoal kiln takes shape

by Rod Kebble & Conway Churchill A good turnout (13 volunteers) meant that the conservation group was able to undertake a number of tasks simultaneously on Saturday 23rd July. While two groups dealt with Himalayan Balsam in Wey Wood and across the river in Wey Meadow, another group tackled some recalcitrant rhododendrons with a drill […]