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Bashed bird boxes
buffed up, woodpeckers acquitted

by Brian Lavers A mixture of indolence and forgetfulness resulted in the Pierrepont bird nestboxes being subjected to their annual clearout in January rather than during the previous and more usual November. A total of 39 ‘small hole’ boxes were checked in the Tankersford and Wey woods. All these have a mixture of one inch […]

Naughty nutkins nibble northern nestboxes

by Rod Kebble Following our last post we heard from Philip Opie, who is a volunteer at Margaret Wood, another CRT property, near Barnsley in Yorkshire. It seems they also suffer from damaged nestboxes — though in their case the culprits are grey squirrels. Philip knows this for a fact, as a squirrel bit him […]

Nestboxes suffer beak-in

by Rod Kebble Nestboxes at Pierrepont Farm have been vandalised and the suspects are great spotted woodpeckers. The birds have remodelled the entrances — without seeking planning permission — by enlarging the hole at the front of each box. It is too early for the woodpeckers to predate the nests of the great tits and […]