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Archive of posts tagged hawthorn

(H)edging upwards

by Rod Kebble In November 2007, the conservation volunteers began planting a hedge along the north and west sides of Reeds Left Field. The soil is sandy and along the north side the hedge plants compete for water with a line of trees that also act as umbrellas, stopping the plants from receiving rainwater. The […]

Pierrepont plant ponder

by Brian Lavers This year’s Spring plant survey along the 30-metre transect through the edge of the Tankersford chestnut coppice again provided plenty to puzzle over, a challenge made more challenging by the fact that not one of the plants boasted a flower. However, the monitoring volunteers brushed off such minor difficulties and rose to […]

A tale of two hedges

by Rod Kebble The hedge planting begun in January has at last been finished and blossom is beginning to appear on the new plants, particularly the hazel and the hawthorn. The last of the plants have been used to fill gaps in the hedge planted in Reeds Left Field in November 2007, caused by plants […]

Hedge ends with a dog rose

by Rod Kebble Nine volunteers arrived on the wet morning of 3rd March to plant the last section of the hedge begun in January. This final bit runs across the front of the new dairy and — once grown — will act as a windbreak against the west wind which blows off the fields. The […]

Hedge fun

by Rod Kebble Well, if you’ve read the end of the post for the working party of 7th January, it turns out that Brian Lavers and Mike Clear were both right. The volunteers were to plant a 50-metre hedge today and, yes, the total length will eventually be some 200 metres, finishing just short (because […]