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A charcoal kiln takes shape

by Rod Kebble & Conway Churchill A good turnout (13 volunteers) meant that the conservation group was able to undertake a number of tasks simultaneously on Saturday 23rd July. While two groups dealt with Himalayan Balsam in Wey Wood and across the river in Wey Meadow, another group tackled some recalcitrant rhododendrons with a drill […]

An Historic Event

by Jonathan Foster Gaze upon this picture, gentle reader. You may not see its like again, being the first, and possibly the last Pierrepont Wrinkly Non-Working Party. The occasion of this unprecedented event? A Guided Tour of Green Farm, led by Brian Lavers, who knows his way around, having been a number of times with […]

More conservation projects for Pierrepont

by Brian Lavers The following list of proposed Pierrepont conservation tasks for 2011 results from discussions held at the farm on 11th May between the tenant farmer, Mike Clear; John Terry and Dr Vince Lea from the Countryside Restoration Trust’s headquarters in Barton, Cambridgeshire; and Bill Young and Brian Lavers representing the Pierrepont Farm monitoring […]