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Nest box summary
shows dip in young bird numbers

by Rod Kebble The 2012 Pierrepont Farm nest box summary shows that there was a sharp drop in the numbers of young birds this spring, due to the wet weather. A number of nest boxes contained only incomplete nests, which never had eggs laid in them. The survey of nest boxes, conducted on 17th May, […]

Bird news

by Rod Kebble The Spring survey by species table has been updated to include Spring 2012; House martins have been spotted hunting insects over the dairy pond — but so far none have moved into the nests built for them on the front of the dairy itself; Over last weekend, three chaffinch chicks were found […]

Housing house martins

by Rod Kebble One of the reasons for installing the pond in front of the new dairy was that it might encourage birds such as the house martin to use its muddy margins as a source of nest-building material. There is however one snag: the new dairy has the wrong sort of eaves. While British […]

June 2011 Pierrepont bird survey

by Brian Lavers This, the second of our three 2011 surveys, was completed by the Brians Senior and Lavers on Monday 6 June. The survey conducted along the established route except for the Water Meadow segment which this time contained three Jersey bulls. We were thus persuaded to shift the route to the lower half […]

Further dairy developments

by Rod Kebble Two further developments related to the new dairy have taken place. The photo below shows Joan Foster standing in the excavations for the new pond in front of the dairy. Since the picture was taken, the pond has been lined with Bentomat, a self-sealing geosynthetic clay liner that comes in rolls weighing […]