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Hands-on herd
husbandry helps Hannah’s honours hopes

by Rod Kebble Hannah Grist, 21, spent last week at Pierrepont Farm on a work placement as part of her two-year course at Merrist Wood College for a BSc (Hons) degree in Animal Behaviour & Welfare. Hannah has already completed a foundation degree. Students are required to do 200 hours of placement each year and […]

Defending against deer and bunnies

by Conway Churchill It is common practice to build sturdy and often quite elaborate defence round newly coppiced stools in order to prevent new shoots from being subjected to the tender mercies of cute little bunny rabbits and deer. The defences round the stools in the woodland at Pierrepont Farm are no exception. Regular volunteer […]

Hedge fun

by Rod Kebble Well, if you’ve read the end of the post for the working party of 7th January, it turns out that Brian Lavers and Mike Clear were both right. The volunteers were to plant a 50-metre hedge today and, yes, the total length will eventually be some 200 metres, finishing just short (because […]

Rhodie rhestling but no firewood chopping

by Rod Kebble The conservation group met on 7th January and, as forecast, this was the first time since the CRT acquired Pierrepont Farm in 2006 that the working party immediately following Christmas was not spent chopping firewood because the farmhouse was about to run out. This was partly due to the warmer weather before […]