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Archive of posts tagged Rhododendron Ponticum

Ponticum paper prepared

by Brian Lavers We were joined at Pierrepont on a couple of occasions last week by Kerry Donovan, a student from Royal Holloway College, Egham who is in the third year of a BSc Physical Geography course. For his dissertation Kerry had selected an enquiry into the prevalence of Rhododendron ponticum at a particular site […]

New volunteers meet the rhodies

by Rod Kebble Over the past couple of working parties, we have been joined by two new volunteers, Jill Summers and Annie Silver. On 16th November it was time to introduce them to the traditional Pierrepont winter task of “rhodie-bashing”. Although much of the Rhododendron Ponticum that once occupied large tracts of Tankersford Wood has […]

Green gym gyrations for geriatrics!

by Rod Kebble (aged 66) As the youngest person present yesterday, I shall probably get into trouble for the title of this piece. However, none of our much younger volunteers were on hand, so pensioner power made itself felt in the woods. The rhododendron selected for clearance had previously been left alone due to the […]

The Glorious 27th!

by Rod Kebble Saturday 27th October saw the opening of this year’s rhodie-bashing season, as the last of the rhododendron ponticum in Tankersford Copse is seen off the premises. This will not, however, be the end of this winter sport as there is more rhododendron in Wey Wood awaiting attention. Saturday’s volunteers were following in […]

Too cold to dig but snowdrops break through

by Rod Kebble Although the temperature at Pierrepont Farm was -9°C at 0600 on 4th February, nine volunteers were on-site by 0930, ready to put more hedge plants into the ground. However the ground proved too frozen to dig, so the volunteers fell back on the on-going winter Plan B, namely attacking rhododendron. The area […]