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Archive of posts tagged rhododendron

Of trees

by Rod Kebble The effects of last winter’s storms are still to be seen in Pierrepont Farm’s woods, where fallen trees lie along the ground or stand drunkenly propping each other up, leaning in whatever direction the winds blew them. All the news is not bad however, as the flattened trees offer a good opportunity […]

Three men went to mow

by Rod Kebble Nine volunteers turned up for the working party on 24th August and tackled three jobs between them. While Brian Lavers and Ray Ashdown went east to deal with some rhododendron stumps that were showing new and unwelcome signs of life — by injecting them with a glyphosate solution — Ann Bates, Margaret […]

Slope scuppers sensible scheme

by Rod Kebble While half a dozen volunteers went off to continue the war against rhododendrons in Tankersford Wood, the first task of the new year for a couple of others — abetted by herdsman Tony Timmis — was to tackle the erection of the two gateposts at the entrance to the pond field below […]

Gates, pies and rhodies

by Rod Kebble The conservation volunteers met on 8th December for the last working party of 2012. One group set about clearing some rhodies that had been cut down about a year ago but not removed from the site. Consequently, the plants had started to take root again and had to be given a stern […]

Green gym gyrations for geriatrics!

by Rod Kebble (aged 66) As the youngest person present yesterday, I shall probably get into trouble for the title of this piece. However, none of our much younger volunteers were on hand, so pensioner power made itself felt in the woods. The rhododendron selected for clearance had previously been left alone due to the […]