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Archive of posts tagged Surrey Wildlife Trust

Tale from the river bank (with apologies)

by Brian Lavers The farm played host to the Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT) on Saturday 26 October when our Education Room was used for a briefing given by Glen Skelton, SWT RiverSearch Coordinator, to around a dozen volunteers each of whom will be allocated an approximately 500m stretch of the South branch of the River […]

Wey forward for river

by Rod Kebble On Wednesday 18th April, the Surrey Wildlife Trust and DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) hosted a workshop in Farnham to discuss the implementation of the EU’s Water Framework Directive in relation to the River Wey. Pierrepont Farm was represented by farmer Mike Clear and Brian Lavers, who leads the […]

Green Farm monitoring, 19th March 2011

by Brian Lavers Six monitoring group volunteers spent the day at Green Farm. The day’s activity required a division of tasks, with one group member, complete with recently acquired large scale maps, spending a.m and p.m in the Upper Forest area attempting to record all – unofficial as well as statutory – footpaths there. The […]

A new home for otters

by Rod Kebble The Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) was once common throughout Britain but its numbers declined after the 1950s due to the loss of habitat, water pollution and the use of pesticides containing chlorinated hydrocarbons. The UK’s Biodiversity Action Plan calls, among many other things, for the restoration of the otter to all the […]