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The Glorious 27th!

by Rod Kebble Saturday 27th October saw the opening of this year’s rhodie-bashing season, as the last of the rhododendron ponticum in Tankersford Copse is seen off the premises. This will not, however, be the end of this winter sport as there is more rhododendron in Wey Wood awaiting attention. Saturday’s volunteers were following in […]

Charities’ coppicing cooperation

by Rod Kebble Farmer Mike Clear and CRT volunteer Conway Churchill recently asked Mike Coates, manager of the RSPB’s Farnham Heath Reserve — which borders Pierrepont Farm at a number of points — if they could fell some of the coppiced trees on his land. Mr Coates understood the benefits of managing the woodland properly […]

Rhodie rhestling but no firewood chopping

by Rod Kebble The conservation group met on 7th January and, as forecast, this was the first time since the CRT acquired Pierrepont Farm in 2006 that the working party immediately following Christmas was not spent chopping firewood because the farmhouse was about to run out. This was partly due to the warmer weather before […]

Gathering winter fuel

by Rod Kebble The Pierrepont conservation group working party on 10th December was a tidying up exercise, picking up timber from various points in Tankersford Wood and Tankersford Copse. Some of it was recently-cut chestnut and birch, some of it rhododendron from earlier years. Altogether we managed to fill two trailer-loads, which were emptied at […]