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New volunteers meet the rhodies

by Rod Kebble Over the past couple of working parties, we have been joined by two new volunteers, Jill Summers and Annie Silver. On 16th November it was time to introduce them to the traditional Pierrepont winter task of “rhodie-bashing”. Although much of the Rhododendron Ponticum that once occupied large tracts of Tankersford Wood has […]

Pierrepont 2013 fungi survey

by Rod Kebble Wearing his monitoring group hat — or should that be bonnet? (sorry, fungal joke!) — Brian Lavers reports that a survey was conducted in a relatively small area at the Silvergate end of Tankersford Wood on 4th November. Fungi identified during the survey are listed in the table below. Genus/Species Common Name […]

Rhodies come down as cupboard goes up

by Rod Kebble On a sunny but very chilly morning, the conservation volunteers — including new recruit Martin Boag on his first working party — assembled yesterday to have their penulimate bash at the rhodies. The season ends with February, so as not to disturb nesting birds. Tankersford Wood is now running out of areas […]

Bashed bird boxes
buffed up, woodpeckers acquitted

by Brian Lavers A mixture of indolence and forgetfulness resulted in the Pierrepont bird nestboxes being subjected to their annual clearout in January rather than during the previous and more usual November. A total of 39 ‘small hole’ boxes were checked in the Tankersford and Wey woods. All these have a mixture of one inch […]

Slope scuppers sensible scheme

by Rod Kebble While half a dozen volunteers went off to continue the war against rhododendrons in Tankersford Wood, the first task of the new year for a couple of others — abetted by herdsman Tony Timmis — was to tackle the erection of the two gateposts at the entrance to the pond field below […]