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Archive of posts tagged Tankersford Wood

November 2011 Pierrepont bird species survey

by Brian Lavers Five of the six ‘sections’ of the third and final 2011 Pierrepont bird species survey were completed on 22 November before bad light caused the four enthusiasts conducting the survey to reluctantly throw in the towel. The sixth and final section, the one covering Silvergate, was eventually completed on 17 December and […]

Gathering winter fuel

by Rod Kebble The Pierrepont conservation group working party on 10th December was a tidying up exercise, picking up timber from various points in Tankersford Wood and Tankersford Copse. Some of it was recently-cut chestnut and birch, some of it rhododendron from earlier years. Altogether we managed to fill two trailer-loads, which were emptied at […]