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Archive of posts tagged wood mouse

Moths and mammals

by Rod Kebble The third and final free children’s activity morning of the summer holidays took place on Thursday 28th August. The theme was Night Time Neighbours — a chance to get a glimpse of those secretive animals we rarely see — and involved Annika Rees placing moth and mammal traps in Tankersford Wood the […]

Pellet probe proves presence

by Rod Kebble The second of Bill Young’s six wildlife monitoring reports for 2013 has now been published on this site. It is a more detailed version of the article that appeared here in June 2013 and describes how the volunteer wildlife monitors are able to establish the presence of certain small mammals at Pierrepont […]

Pellet probing reveals local owl’s preferences

by Brian Lavers In an attempt to discover the menu preferences of “our” so far lone Pierrepont barn owl, the Monitoring Group on Saturday 22nd June recovered a number of pellets (the regurgitated and, to an owl at least, indigestible remains of its prey) from below its favourite perch within one of the farm buildings. […]